Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Spiral Abyss Meta Unveiled: Fan-Made Chart Highlights Player Preferences

A recently shared fan-made Genshin Impact chart has given players insights into the most popular characters dominating the Spiral Abyss in version 4.4. As avid gamers continue to navigate the challenges of Teyvat’s endgame activities, this chart, posted by user qri_pretty on Reddit, sheds light on the characters that have emerged as favourites among players. With the introduction of Xianyun and Gaming, adventurers have been eager to experiment with their team compositions and assess the viability of Liyue-based characters in tackling the formidable Spiral Abyss challenges.

The Spiral Abyss remains a crucial aspect of Genshin Impact’s endgame, presenting players with a multi-level domain that constantly evolves with each update. The domain, known for its challenging enemies, hosts not only regular mobs like Slimes and Spectres but also formidable bosses such as Hydro Tulpa and Thunder Manifestation. Successful navigation through all stages rewards players with a range of bountiful prizes, including coveted characters like Xiangling and Collei.

According to the chart, the most favoured characters for version 4.4 of the Spiral Abyss are Furina, Zhongli, Nahida, Kazuha, and Neuvillette. Furina, a five-star Hydro user, has overwhelmingly captured the attention of players with an impressive 79.6% usage rate. Nahida and Kazuha, known for their powerful skill sets, follow closely with 71.8% and 72.1% usage rates, respectively. The chart also highlights that over 20 characters with four-star rarity, including Chongyun, Candace, Xinyan, Rosa, Beidou, and Lynette, have experienced usage rates below 1%, indicating a lack of relevance in the current meta.

Newly-released characters, Xianyun and Gaming, have entered the scene with usage rates of 29.9% and 1.4%, respectively, adding fresh dynamics to the Spiral Abyss meta.

Most Popular Characters for Genshin Impact 4.4 Spiral Abyss:

  1. Furina: 79.6%
  2. Neuvillette: 76.2%
  3. Kazuha: 72.1%
  4. Nahida: 71.8%
  5. Zhongli: 71.7%
  6. Yelan: 67.2%
  7. Baizhu: 63%
  8. Bennett: 47.9%

The dominance of Furina in the Spiral Abyss for version 4.4 solidifies her position as a top-tier choice for players navigating the game’s most challenging content. Nahida and Kazuha, with their reliable skill sets, continue to be preferred options among adventurers.

Despite the Spiral Abyss being the pinnacle of PvE content in Genshin Impact, its challenges can be overcome with a versatile party setup on the first attempt. However, success in this repeatable domain hinges on players dedicating time to levelling up their characters and equipping them with optimal artifacts. The Spiral Abyss serves as a crucial method for farming Primogems, as each Abyss cycle rewards players with a substantial amount of in-game credits.

As players continue to master version 4.4 content, Genshin Impact has already begun teasing the forthcoming version 4.5. The anticipation centres around the introduction of the five-star sword user, Chiori, who will command the Geo element. Since the official reveal on social media, leaks surrounding Chiori’s abilities have surfaced online, hinting at her capacity to summon a puppet that deals out Area of Effect (AoE) damage.

In conclusion, the fan-made Genshin Impact chart provides valuable insights into the current meta for the Spiral Abyss in version 4.4. The dominance of certain characters showcases the evolving preferences of players as they strategize and optimize their teams for the game’s most challenging content. With version 4.5 on the horizon, the community eagerly awaits the introduction of Chiori and the potential shifts in the meta that may accompany her arrival. As the game continues to captivate audiences, the dynamic nature of Genshin Impact’s character preferences adds an extra layer of excitement to the evolving landscape of Teyvat.

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