Honkai: Star Rail Leak Unveils Gallagher’s Kit

A recent leak surrounding Honkai: Star Rail has sent ripples of excitement through the gaming community, particularly among enthusiasts eager to delve into the capabilities of the forthcoming character, Gallagher. Set to debut in version 2.1 of the game, Gallagher’s skill set has been unveiled, offering players a glimpse into what they can anticipate when the update finally rolls out.

Originally slated for release this week, version 2.1 has encountered a minor setback due to the observance of the Chinese New Year, pushing its launch back by a week. Nevertheless, anticipation remains high as players eagerly await the arrival of Gallagher, alongside the promised rewards of Stellar Jades upon the update’s release.

Gallagher, a four-star character, will wield the power of the Fire element within Honkai: Star Rail’s Abundance Path. Positioned as a supportive figure within the game, Gallagher’s abilities are primed for debuffing adversaries and bolstering the resilience of allies. His repertoire is poised to enhance normal attacks, exploit enemy weaknesses, and administer crucial healing to the team, according to developers.

The leak, attributed to the reputable source within the Honkai: Star Rail community, HomDGCat, offers intricate details about Gallagher’s capabilities. His skill set encompasses a diverse array of abilities, including the ability to diminish enemy ATK, administer healing to allies, and inflict debilitating Marks upon foes. Furthermore, Gallagher demonstrates proficiency in dealing Fire damage, augmented by his Enhanced Basic ATK and formidable techniques.

In essence, Gallagher’s kit comprises a skill that heals all teammates, an ultimate move that unleashes widespread Fire damage while afflicting Marks on multiple targets, and a talent that amplifies Break DMG against marked enemies. Additionally, his technique inflicts area-of-effect Fire damage, bolstered by his ATK stat.

Gallagher’s defensive prowess is further augmented by a trio of traces, each tailored to fortify his capabilities on the battlefield. These traces encompass enhancements to healing bonuses, the provision of team-wide healing upon dealing damage to marked enemies, and the augmentation of his Break Effect. Complementing his arsenal are Eidolons, which extend the duration of Marks, amplify Break DMG, and further bolster his defensive capabilities.

As a four-star unit, Gallagher is poised to be featured alongside a five-star character in version 2.1’s debut banner. Speculations abound regarding the identity of this esteemed character, with contenders such as the Nihility-based Acheron or the Imaginary-type Aventurine at the forefront of discussions.

In addition to the highly anticipated debut of Gallagher, version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail promises a plethora of rerun banners featuring beloved units. Notably, rumours suggest the imminent arrival of Sam, a five-star unit, although concrete details are yet to be confirmed.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits the unveiling of version 2.1, excitement continues to mount, fuelled by tantalizing leaks and speculations surrounding the debut of Gallagher and other forthcoming additions to the Honkai: Star Rail universe.

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