Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Side Mission Nominated for Best Representation at GAconf Awards

Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has secured a nomination at this year’s GAconf Awards for its standout side quest, “Graffiti Trouble.” The nomination recognizes the game’s dedication to accessibility and representation, specifically focusing on the authentic portrayal of a deaf character.

The highlighted mission involves Hailey Cooper, a deaf street artist introduced in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Throughout the game, players witness the unique friendship that blossoms between Hailey and Miles Morales. In Spider-Man 2, their relationship takes center stage, offering players a dedicated side quest that explores Hailey’s world.

Named “Graffiti Trouble,” this mission has garnered attention for its meticulous representation of Hailey’s deafness. Players take on the role of Hailey as she interacts with another street artist, and the game immerses players in Hailey’s perspective by muting a significant portion of the in-game audio. This intentional design choice aims to provide players with insight into the challenges of navigating the world without hearing.

The GAconf Awards, an annual event celebrating accessibility and representation in the gaming industry, have recognized Spider-Man 2 for featuring a playable deaf character with American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting and simulated hearing loss. Competing in the Best Representation category, Spider-Man 2 faces off against Moving Out 2, which allows players to equip their avatars with wheelchairs, and Hi-Fi Rush, acknowledged for its positive representation of prosthetics seamlessly integrated into the in-game narrative.

While Spider-Man 2 has received praise for its overall accessibility features, allowing players to customize gameplay and audio settings according to their preferences and needs, the nomination for Best Representation stands out as evidence of the game’s commitment to inclusivity. The GAconf Awards spotlight and commend efforts within the gaming industry to ensure games are accessible to players of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Beyond the nomination for Best Representation, Spider-Man 2 is the sole contender from Insomniac Games at the GAconf Awards. However, other notable mentions include Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, another PS5 exclusive, acknowledged for Best Mental Health Accessibility due to its innovative thalassophobia setting. The PS5 console itself is also in the running for Hardware Accessibility, thanks to a firmware update in September that introduced menu haptics and the ability to split controls across two controllers.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, released to widespread acclaim for its improved gameplay and compelling narrative, has resonated particularly with players through Hailey’s character and her emotionally resonant but less action-packed side quest. The “Graffiti Trouble” mission, depicting Hailey’s exploration of mysterious street art while sharing her own creations, has now earned the game a place among the nominees for Best Representation at the GAconf Awards.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits the results, voting for the GAconf Awards is underway throughout the week, with the final outcomes set to be unveiled in January. The acknowledgment of Spider-Man 2’s commitment to representation and accessibility underscores the ongoing efforts in the industry to create a more inclusive and diverse gaming landscape.

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