Horizon Forbidden West’s Reforestation Initiative Blossoms Beyond Expectations

In a surprising turn of events, Guerrilla Games, the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West, recently revealed the astounding success of their reforestation project. Initiated alongside the game’s launch in 2022, the project pledged to plant a tree for every player achievement unlocked in the open-world RPG. The ambitious endeavour not only garnered praise for the game’s captivating storyline and visually immersive landscapes but also contributed significantly to the environment by planting over 600,000 trees.

Horizon Forbidden West, a post-apocalyptic masterpiece, became a gaming sensation upon its release, receiving accolades from critics and amassing a considerable player base. Guerrilla Games, recognizing the impact their creation could have beyond the gaming realm, partnered with environmental organizations, including the Arbor Day Foundation, to embark on a reforestation mission.

The mechanics were simple yet powerful – for a month following the game’s launch, each time a player achieved the “Reaching the Daunt” trophy by progressing through the first two story quests and commencing the third, a tree would be planted. This unique approach not only engaged players in the virtual world but also linked their in-game successes to tangible environmental benefits.

A recent video released by Guerrilla Games celebrated the monumental success of the reforestation initiative, surpassing their initial target of 288,000 trees. Eva Tajovska, an environment artist at Guerrilla Games, shared insights into the team’s inspiration during the project. She highlighted how working on in-game vegetation and researching for the reforestation initiative made the team more attuned to nature’s intricacies, fostering a deep appreciation for its preservation.

The achievement of planting over 600,000 trees is directly attributed to the widespread success of Horizon Forbidden West, which has sold over 8.4 million units to date. Achieving the “Reaching the Daunt” trophy became a common milestone for players, automatically awarded at the commencement of the third story quest. The sheer volume of players obtaining this trophy within the stipulated time frame led to the unprecedented success of the reforestation project.

While Guerrilla Games is undoubtedly contemplating the future of the Horizon franchise, the studio is not ready to bid farewell to Forbidden West just yet. In a surprising September revelation, the existence of Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition was unveiled. This comprehensive edition includes both the base game and the Burning Shores DLC, already available for PS5 and set to launch on PC in 2024. Although an official release date for the PC version is pending, eager gamers can already find it on Steam, where it can be wishlisted.

With the game retailing at $70 on PlayStation, a similar price point is anticipated for the PC release. The Horizon Forbidden West community eagerly awaits the expanded experience on PC, ready to explore the captivating world that not only provided them with a thrilling gaming experience but also played a pivotal role in reforesting our real-world landscapes.

In the realm where gaming meets environmental consciousness, Horizon Forbidden West stands as a beacon, showcasing the positive impact the gaming industry can have on global initiatives. As players continue to immerse themselves in the virtual wonders of Forbidden West, they can take pride in knowing that their achievements contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet.

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