Chained Echoes, JRPG Gem on Xbox Game Pass, Set to Bid Farewell on December 15

Microsoft has officially announced that Chained Echoes, one of the standout titles on Xbox Game Pass, is set to exit the subscription service on December 15. While Xbox Game Pass has showcased an array of top-notch games, Chained Echoes has earned a special place among enthusiasts and critics alike.

Debuting in late 2022, Chained Echoes quickly became a darling in the gaming community. Revered as a pinnacle of JRPG-style gaming, the title’s acclaim stems from its captivating art style, unique combat mechanics, engaging narrative, and enchanting music. With an impressive overall rating of 90, Chained Echoes not only secured its position among the best games of 2022 but also emerged as one of the highest-rated offerings within Xbox Game Pass.

The impending departure of Chained Echoes, alongside Opus Magnum, Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, and Rubber Bandits, all scheduled for the same exit date, brings a tinge of sadness to fans who have relished these gaming experiences. Subscribers are encouraged to make the most of the remaining time to delve into these titles before they vanish from the Xbox Game Pass library. However, given Chained Echoes’ exceptional critical reception, it stands out as a must-play for enthusiasts.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers still have a few weeks to immerse themselves in the world of Chained Echoes before its departure. The completion time varies based on the extent of side content exploration, ranging from 30 to 50 hours. For avid gamers willing to dedicate extended play sessions, conquering Chained Echoes before its removal from the Game Pass service remains an attainable goal.

In the realm of JRPG-style games, Xbox Game Pass has faced recent challenges. The departure of Persona 5 from the gaming service added to the woes. However, the introduction of new JRPG experiences like the critically acclaimed Sea of Stars injects fresh excitement. Additionally, the anticipation for upcoming releases, such as Persona 3 Reload in February, provides hope for fans seeking novel adventures.

For those who miss the opportunity to experience Chained Echoes through Xbox Game Pass, comfort can be found in the knowledge that the game is a worthwhile investment. Acknowledged for its critical acclaim, Chained Echoes is available for purchase at a 20% discount while it remains within the Game Pass service. This presents an opportunity for subscribers to secure a permanent place for this gem in their gaming collection.

As the countdown to December 15 begins, fans of Chained Echoes are gearing up for extended gaming sessions to bid a fond farewell to a title that has left an indelible mark on the Xbox Game Pass landscape. The departure of this JRPG masterpiece serves as a reminder to seize the moment and relish the gaming gems available within the subscription service before they embark on their journey beyond the digital realm.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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