Obsidian Entertainment Unveils In-Depth Details of Avowed in Extended Gameplay Showcase

Xbox and Obsidian Entertainment have unveiled an immersive look into the highly anticipated fantasy RPG, Avowed, during the recent Xbox Developer Direct. The event provided RPG enthusiasts with nearly 10 minutes of captivating gameplay footage, shedding light on the mysterious Shatterscarp region and introducing exciting combat features.

The spotlight of the showcase was firmly on Avowed’s combat dynamics, showcasing a diverse array of weaponry and magical abilities. Players can opt for a traditional sword-and-board setup, wield flintlock pistols, brandish magic wands, and more. A particularly impressive feature highlighted in the gameplay demonstrated the protagonist effortlessly dual-wielding wands, emphasizing the game’s flexibility in allowing players to seamlessly switch between different weapons on the fly. Noteworthy is Obsidian’s signature writing and dialogue choices, illustrated by a glimpse into a missable side quest within the intricate Shatterscarp region.

Carrie Patel and Gabe Paramo from Obsidian Entertainment subsequently joined the official Xbox Podcast, unveiling an additional 25 minutes of extended gameplay footage. They disclosed that Shatterscarp, an aquatic coral reef-inspired area inhabited by territorial lizard creatures, constitutes the third region in the game. Interestingly, the showcased portion of Shatterscarp is entirely optional and connected to one of the side quests, providing a dynamic and non-linear narrative experience. Patel disclosed that Shatterscarp is a mid-game area, sparking speculation about the potential inclusion of six or seven major regions in Avowed, though no official confirmation has been made.

The extended gameplay showcased the protagonist’s ability to swim underwater, offering a visually stunning journey into a cave area. Despite the underwater setting, there was no indication of specific underwater mechanics or combat. Gabe Paramo, Avowed’s gameplay director, provided additional insights into the combat system, confirming the presence of a skill tree and revealing that players can seamlessly switch between two pre-set loadouts. Furthermore, Paramo illustrated how various spells and abilities can be strategically combined, such as deploying an area-of-effect fire ability on the ground before drawing an enemy into it. Patel shared details about two of Avowed’s companions, Kai and Giatta, underscoring their distinct roles as a tank and healer in combat.

For eager RPG enthusiasts, the release of Avowed is on the horizon, with an anticipated launch window in Fall 2024. While a concrete release date is yet to be confirmed, there is speculation that Obsidian Entertainment may make another appearance at Xbox’s Summer Game Fest showcase in June, potentially unveiling the exact launch date for Avowed. As the second half of 2024 is already marked by the release of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Xbox fans are in for an exciting period of immersive gaming experiences.

In conclusion, the extended gameplay showcase has heightened anticipation for Avowed, offering a deeper understanding of its diverse regions, engaging combat mechanics, and rich narrative possibilities. As Obsidian Entertainment continues to unveil more details, RPG enthusiasts can look forward to a Fall filled with immersive adventures in the fantastical world of Avowed.

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