Overwatch 2 Contemplates Reaper Rework: Evolution Looms for the Tank-Busting Assassin

In a recent revelation, Overwatch 2 is contemplating a substantial overhaul for one of its iconic heroes, Reaper, the notorious tank-busting assassin who has been a staple since the original game’s debut. As the sequel gears up for release, it appears that the developers are contemplating significant adjustments to Reaper’s arsenal, potentially reshaping his gameplay dynamics.

Reaper, a cornerstone character alongside Tracer and Widowmaker from the inception of the original Overwatch, has remained relatively unchanged over the game’s seven-year history, a stark contrast to some of his counterparts who underwent complete transformations in the sequel. However, whispers from the Overwatch 2 development team suggest that Reaper might be the next in line for a modern tune-up.

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit, lead hero designer Alec Dawson responded to a query from a vigilant fan, Darthnick426, regarding the possibility of a Reaper rework. Dawson acknowledged that Reaper is indeed under consideration, with the developers already toying with ideas aimed at enhancing his in-combat decision-making abilities. While no concrete decisions have been made, potential adjustments might involve tweaks to his Shadow Step and Wraith Form, along with the introduction of a new ability for his alt-fire, akin to the transformations seen in Sombra and Roadhog in Overwatch 2.

The prospective changes to Reaper in Overwatch 2 include a modernization of abilities such as Shadow Step and Wraith Form, offering players a fresh experience with the hero. Additionally, a new alt-fire ability is on the horizon, promising more diverse combat decision-making compared to the current iteration.

The Overwatch community wasted no time in expressing their own ideas for Reaper’s potential new ability. Suggestions ranged from a powerful yet inaccurate simultaneous shotgun blast, capable of penetrating immune effects, to the resurrection of an early concept involving grenades. Interestingly, one fan pointed out that Reaper still adorns the grenades on his default Overwatch 2 skin, fueling speculation about their potential reintegration into his skill set. Despite the impending changes, it’s evident that Overwatch 2 aims to preserve the essence of Reaper’s character.

Reaper isn’t the sole candidate for a facelift in Overwatch 2, as confirmed by Dawson in a recent Twitch chat with Emongg and Flats. Wrecking Ball and Cassidy are also on the radar for potential reworks. Wrecking Ball, a distinctive tank hero known for its challenging playstyle, and Cassidy, another original character akin to Reaper, are both subjects of consideration. Following the positive reception of the Overwatch 2 reworks for Sombra and Roadhog, the community is eagerly anticipating the transformation of these additional characters.

As Overwatch 2 continues to evolve, the prospect of Reaper’s rework adds an extra layer of anticipation for players. The subtle yet impactful adjustments to his abilities promise to breathe new life into this formidable hero, setting the stage for a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. With the Overwatch community actively participating in the discourse surrounding potential changes, the developers have a wealth of ideas to consider as they strive to balance innovation with the preservation of each hero’s unique identity. As the sequel inches closer to release, fans can’t help but speculate on the future of their favourite heroes and the exciting possibilities that Overwatch 2 holds.

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