Saints Row Classics Available at Bargain Prices on Xbox Store

Fans of the beloved Saints Row franchise have reason to celebrate as two classic entries from the series are currently on sale at incredibly low prices on the Xbox Store.

Available for just $1.49 each, down from their original price of $9.99, Saints Row 2 and the original Saints Row offer gamers a chance to delve back into the series’ roots without breaking the bank. These games, which originally debuted on the Xbox 360, hold a special place in the hearts of many players who fondly remember the unique blend of gameplay and humour they provided.

While the Saints Row series has evolved over the years, with seven games now under its belt, some fans argue that the newer instalments fail to capture the magic of the originals. The second entry in particular, often hailed as one of the best open-world comedy games of its time, refined the formula established by its predecessor and cemented the franchise as a serious contender in the gaming world.

However, despite the success of earlier titles, the latest addition to the series, the 2022 reboot, fell short of expectations for many fans. While boasting improved visuals and some quality-of-life changes, it failed to recapture the nostalgic charm that endeared players to the franchise in the first place. Negative reviews were abundant upon its release, with gamers lamenting the departure from the elements that made the original games so beloved.

Despite the disappointment surrounding the reboot and the uncertainty brought about by the closure of developer Volition, fans can still rejoice in the availability of the classic titles on modern consoles. The affordability of these games on the Xbox Series X/S platform makes it easier than ever for nostalgic gamers to relive the madness of the earlier Saints Row titles.

While the prospect of a remaster of the older games remains uncertain, the current sale offers a timely opportunity for fans to revisit the series’ roots and experience the magic that captured their hearts years ago. Whether it’s the anarchic antics of Saints Row 2 or the gritty realism of the original Saints Row, there’s something for every fan to enjoy at a price that won’t break the bank.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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