Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Unveils Exciting Perks for February

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is kicking off February with a bang, introducing a fresh batch of perks for its subscribers. As gaming enthusiasts eagerly await new content each month, the tech giant continues to deliver an array of offerings spanning genres and titles.

The trend of unveiling enticing perks began last month with a host of additions for January 2024. While some of these perks linger for those who missed out last month, a wave of anticipation surrounds the recent unveilings for February. Gamers are encouraged to act swiftly, as these perks are time-limited.

Among the exciting additions this month are exclusive cosmetics for Mighty DOOM, the Jungle Adventure Game Pack for The Sims 4, and the Year 11 Starter Pack for SMITE. Furthermore, starting on February 7, Game Pass Ultimate members in the United States on console and PC will be treated to season 1 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. A nostalgic journey awaits fans as they delve into the origins of Boruto’s tale.

For those wondering about the current perks available, Ultimate subscribers can revel in offerings like the F1 23 Champions Upgrade, Turbo Golf Racing Pet Pack, Naraka: Bladepoint Season 11 bundle, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis January Member Bonus, Sea of Thieves Nightshine Parrot Pack, Vigor Deer Stalker Pack, Super Animal Royale Season 9 & 10 Perks Pack, World of Tanks Aim and Attack Bundle, and a complimentary three months of Discord Nitro.

It’s crucial to note that some perks will bid farewell this month. In particular, the Super Animal Royale and Phantasy Star Online 2 perks are set to depart imminently, and The Sims 4’s Jungle Adventure Pack won’t linger much longer. Subscribers are urged to claim these perks promptly to avoid missing out.

Moreover, Ultimate subscribers enjoy access to standard Game Pass games, which also have a limited availability window. In addition to the vanishing perks, Xbox Game Pass bids adieu to two games this month. Subscribers are advised to conduct a thorough check to ensure they’ve snagged all desired content before the window of opportunity closes.

February promises an array of exceptional games on Xbox Game Pass, but the clock is ticking on their availability. With a wealth of gaming options and bonus perks, subscribers, especially those with the Ultimate add-on, have a plethora of entertainment at their fingertips this month. As the days unfold, it’s imperative for subscribers to stay vigilant and make the most of the offerings before February concludes.

In the dynamic world of gaming, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate remains at the forefront, consistently elevating the gaming experience for subscribers. As we bid farewell to departing perks and games, the anticipation builds for what exciting additions the coming months will bring to the ever-expanding Xbox Game Pass library.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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